Health and Malaria Prophylaxis

Get vaccinations and know your options for long-term antimalarial medication if you choose to take it.

Ensure you have a first aid kit that includes broad-spectrum antibiotics, analgesics, diarrhoea medication, cold and flu sachets, mosquito repellent, bite cream.

Bring fine, cool clothing, with long trousers and sleeves for the evenings to avoid bites. Desert boots or canvas trainers with thick soles are best for tramping about the city.

Traffic and Safety

For expats coming to Lagos, city traffic has high demands and requires expertise.

We recommend 4×4 vehicles that can navigate off-roads, especially if you’re planning to take road trips outside the cities.

Every time you go out, ensure you have complete car papers including registration documents, insurance and license in the car with you in case you are stopped at police or military checkpoint.

Be careful walking alone at night; make sure your loved ones are aware of your plans if you’re travelling out of town.

If you have to be in a kidnap prone area, do not keep a daily routine. Make your schedule irregular so you are unpredictable.

At airports arrange a car transfer via your hotel or colleagues before you fly; get the driver’s name, number plate and mobile number ahead of time.

Pack conservative clothing appropriate for wear in areas where Islam is the prevailing faith.

Medevac Cover and Air ambulance

Take out a health policy that will cover you in Nigeria or check that your existing company insurance covers you adequately.

In the event of an emergency, ensure you have a medical evacuation plan. Flying Doctors is an air ambulance company in Nigeria that can transport you back to your destination

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