Introduction to event medicine

From sporting and entertainment productions to large convocations and political demonstrations, situations that bring many thousands of persons together in very close proximity have evolved into escalating challenges for event organizers, local governments and a host of other involved entities.

Stand-by medical services on scene help mitigate these risks by providing medical personnel and ground ambulances to respond immediately to any emergencies.

Understanding the role of stand-by ground ambulances

A stand-by advanced or basic life support ambulance will save precious minutes when stationed on scene by allowing medical team to provide immediate response to casualties.  Learn more about why stand-by ambulances are important at events here.

Flying Doctors Events Team

The Flying Doctors Nigeria event medicine service has a broad array of services to help you plan your sporting event, outdoor festival, concert, or a variety of other special events. We can arrange staffing and pricing to suit your needs from ground ambulance standby with basic emergency medical technicians to advanced trained paramedics, up to critically care trained flight nurses and advanced nurse practitioners.

Our team has established event medicine policies and protocols to provide injury and illness medical care to event spectators. Our specially trained EMTs, paramedics, ground ambulances and equipment are available to make your event safe and successful. In addition, we maintain a 24-hour emergency communication center, which can help facilitate any request from the event medicine staff.

Different types of ground ambulances

There are different types of ambulance which maybe required for your event depending on the type of event, the number of people involved and the risk. Read about the type of ground ambulances used by the Flying Doctors Nigeria for events here.