It’s no news that children are the future. Today’s infant is tomorrow’s great woman or man. Imagine babies, new to the world, frail, with immune systems not tough enough to handle diseases, especially if they were born in hard to reach/ out-of-the-way places.

Now, imagine babies, born before the complete 9 months (or 40 weeks, depending on who you are talking to). Premature babies, with slim chances of survival except they are managed in highly specialized neonatal centres, which we don’t have enough of in Nigeria. Where there are, they are grossly under-equipped.

In Nigeria, any baby born before 28 weeks gestational age is said to be born before the age of viability. This means they are not likely to survive. Their chances are even slimmer. This age of viability is different in first world countries where skill meets specialized equipment in equal proportions. There, age of viability is set at 26 weeks, 24 weeks, some even at 22 weeks.

Our medical evacuation services at Flying Doctors Nigeria have been able to help save these precious lives. 

We have been able to facilitate transport from a low level of care to specialized centres in South Africa, the United Kingdom and in the USA using our Angel Child Flight services that includes our baby pod, fully equipped for transporting preterm babies, neonates and infants as well as our ETU services for transporting older children.

Our team of highly skilled paediatricians, anaesthetists and neonatologists are responsible for these transfers.