Boat ambulances are often essential tools for evacuation from remote locations to the nearest medical facility. Offshore/remote workers often are located in riverine or swamp locations where ground ambulances cannot access and air ambulances may find it difficult to land; making boat ambulance the most effective options.

Boat ambulances are equipped with advanced life support equipment, such as an automated respirator, a monitor-defibrillator, and drugs, amongst other things.

The boat crew is made up of an emergency care nurse, two emergency first level medical care technicians to bring patients on and off board, and a water ambulance pilot. In life-threatening calls, an emergency physician gets on board with the rest of the crew.

Water ambulances are very important in riverine areas such as the Niger Delta were we have high level of oil and gas activities going on.  Many emergencies occurs in these areas.

Many oil and gas companies use boat ambulances/clinics for their staff or even hire more sophisticated boat clinics which are used for rescue, but also as a primary health facility for these remote/riverine/swamp communities.

We have provided boat ambulances for a number of corporates across the country to help with rescue, medical evacuation and community engagement.