Flying Doctors Nigeria (FDN) has been providing quality healthcare service to one of our clients in a marginal field in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria for over 10 years.


The project is in its maintenance phase and has people working on-site to keep it operational. Workers are usually faced with operational risks and a high level of insecurity in the region.


Our Medical personnel (2 Registered Nurses) continued to offer prompt emergency response and receive topside support in dealing with critical cases requiring specialist input. We upgraded some of the existing medical equipment, further improved the consumable supply chain as it is constantly being reviewed, continued with community sensitization, gave health and safety tips, provided health and safety recommendations to the management and assisted with implementation, and installed signposts to encourage good hygiene & healthy living.


The impact was positive. Our solution resulted in the following:

– Increased efficiency and productivity on-site.

– Reduced injury, illness cost, and insurance claims.

– Boosted employee morale

– Reduced employee turnover.

– Built a stronger, more resilient safety culture, and better safety records.

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