Golden Hour Of Trauma

Victims of trauma must be delivered to hospital within 60 minutes. This time interval is known as the internationally accepted GOLDEN HOUR OF TRAUMA.

Although we have international network of partner hospitals across UK, USA, South Africa, India, Dubai, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, among others, yet, with time-critical medical conditions we are bound to deliver the right patient to the right specialist facility within the right time-frame.

We continually achieve this feat by partnering with the following state-of-the-art facilities (often being the only operator licensed to land directly on the hospital ground or very close by):

The Reddington Hospital | First Cardiology Consultants

Referral Centre for: Heart Attacks, Acute Heart Failure, Pulmonary Emboli (Clots in lung), Neonatal Intensive Care.

The Reddington Hospital houses the ONLY digital angiography suite in the country! When a patient suffers a heart attack, research evidence suggests that the patients who receive acute intervention within the first 60 minutes have the best outcomes. We make this possible.

Our helicopter lands 7 minutes from this facility.

Lagoon Hospital

Referral Centre for: Burns, Industrial Injuries, Cardiothoracic Trauma, Orthopaedic Injuries, Intensive Care.

With fully equipped intensive care unit, burns specialists and trauma team, Lagoon Hospital remains the ideal destination for many of our patients who have sustained industrial injuries.

Our helicopter lands 5 minutes from this facility.

St. Nicholas Hospital

Referral Centre for: Internal Medical Emergencies (e.g. Acute Renal Failure, Liver Failure), General Surgical Emergencies (e.g. Perforated Viscus, Abdominal Trauma).

Over 100 kidney transplants have been performed at St. Nicholas Hospital. This is probably more than all the other Nigerian hospitals put together! St. Nicholas is the destination of choice for general medical emergencies as well as surgical emergencies that may develop medical complications in the post-operative period.

Our helicopter lands around from this facility.

Eko Hospital

Referral Centre for: Oncological Emergencies, Some Trauma.

Being one of the most reputable facilities on the Lagos mainland, the expert oncologists and trauma surgeons, along with its cost-effective packages make it one of our important destinations.

Our helicopter lands 3 minutes from this facility.

LASUTH (Lagos State University Teaching Hospital)

Referral Centre for: Neurotrauma, Complex Polytrauma.

Doctors trained in LASUTH have gone on to work for the finest medical institutions in the world like Great Ormond Street Hospital , Mayo Clinic and the University College Hospital London.

LASUTH remains the best facility for complex polytrauma and neurotrauma. These are often time-critical injuries that need to be treated within 30-40 minutes. We land directly in front of the Accident and Emergency Department to make sure our patients reach an operating room within the golden hour of trauma.

Many of our patients have their operations here under our supervision before being transferred to a private facility.

Our helicopter lands directly at this facility.

Primus Super Specialist Hospital, Abuja

Referral Centre for: Spine Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery, Bariatric Surgery, Total Hip Replacement, Total Knee Replacement, and much more.

The Nigerian branch of the Super Special Hospital reputed to be the best in India has some of the finest medical experts in different surgeries and other specialities.

Our helicopter lands 10 minutes from this facility.

Foreign Hospitals

We also work with a number of foreign hospitals in the UK, South Africa, India, Dubai, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and so on.