We operate medical and medico-logistical services for corporate bodies running high-risk operations like oil and gas, mining, construction, telecoms and manufacturing companies.

Since operations in these sectors often involve expatriates and indigenous employees

  • working at great heights,
  • driving long distances on poorly maintained roads,
  • working offshore or
  • working at remote stations
  • operating in extreme environments
  • exposure to endemic infectious diseases such as malaria
  • natural and operational disasters
  • security risks

Retainership Plans: Flying Doctors Nigeria has specialized retainership plans for corporate bodies to accommodate the speedy handling of emergencies arising from work-associated incidents.

You might want to contact us today to see which of our retainership packages is most suitable for your company’s needs.

    Range of Services

    Our range of services for corporate organisations includes;

    • Repatriation to our partner hospitals in USA, UK, South Africa, Turkey, Egypt, India etc.
    • Emergency transfer by road or air to best source of local help.
    • Medical escorts on commercial airline flights.
    • Malaria prophylaxis advice
    • Vaccination
    • Procurement of medical equipment and supplies for remote site support.
    • Health and safety advice/ training.
    • First aid training.
    • Risk assessment.
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